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"President's Message"

     I would like to start off by mentioning once again police officers who were killed in the last couple of days - Rochester, NY and Missouri City. TX. Please be vigilant and try not to be victims of these cowardly acts.  Watch your “six” out there!  

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"Message from the Editor"

    In the blink of an eye, summer is halfway over. But just arriving is what has been commonly referred to as the “Dog Days of August.” After a rather pleasant June and July, the heat has reared its head.

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Upcoming Training Flyers

Join the NJNEOA

Become a member of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.  

  • General Membership: Any Law Enforcement Officers (Active or Retired) are eligible to join.  
  • Associate Membership: Any Non-Law Enforcement individual who is interested in fighting the "War on Drugs" may join.
     For further information visit       our:  Membership page.

Drug Awareness Program

     The NJNEOA offers a free Drug Awareness Program that is available for any school system throughout the State of New Jersey.  View our Drug Awareness Video Trailers link below to see what is available, and/or visit The Drug Awareness Program for more info regarding the program.

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