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    There are two (2) types of membership in the NJNEOA.  "General Membership" is for those LAW ENFORCEMENT individuals who are either active in or retired from a law enforcement agency.  "Associate Membership" is for any other NON-LAW ENFORCEMENT individuals interested being members of the association (Not eligible to attend the Law Enforcement Training events).

     The dues for a one (1) year General /or Associate membership is $40.00.  You can select a three (3) year membership for $100.00.   This would be a $20.00 savings. 

     Membership runs in conjunction with the calendar year.  If you join anytime from January to October, your dues are for that current year.  Anyone joining from October through December, their dues will include the following calendar year.

      If you are interested in joining use the "Join Us" link on this website and complete the online application.  Each member must have their own separate email address for membership.  The email address serves as your ID in the database system.  Should you change email addresses, you must update your profile on your member's page with the new email.  Issues of the NJNEOA Newsletters and News Magazine are sent to your email, along with dues renewal notices and notifications of any NJNEOA: Seminars, Conferences and Events.

     Individuals who have had their membership lapse through non-payment of dues, either personally or by their agency, after a one (1) period, will need to reapply for membership as a new member.  When the online application is received, you will be assigned your previous NJNEOA number.  However there will be a break in membership, thus preventing the previous years being counted towards a "Life Member" status, since it requires that you be an active member for twenty-five (25) consecutive years.


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