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PO BOX 202


Renew Your Membership

        Only Members of the NJNEOA who are current in their dues are considered to be Active members and will have access to the "Member's Area" of the website or be available to renew their membership and print their membership card. 

     Active members will automatically receive emailed invoices from the database advising you in advance when your membership dues are approaching their renewal date.  Remember, your membership dues expire on December 31st.  If payment is not received and once your dues have lapsed, the database will automatically  SUSPEND  your membership until payment is received. 

     If you would like to renew your membership in the NJNEOA, simply login using your email address and password.  If you forgot or don't have a password, select "Forgot Password" and you will be able to reset a password.  It will send a link to your email for you to utilize.  Then login in your member's area and choose the renewal process.  You can then either:

     1)  Make payment with a credit card,

     2)  Send a check to:

PO Box 202
Port Reading, NJ 07064

     3)  If your Agency pays your dues by Voucher you will receive a 30 day grace period.   

    *4)  If you let your membership lapse past the grace period, you will need to rejoin.  Please use the email address that you originally joined with.   

     "Please print out your invoice and turn it in, to whoever in your Agency ASAP that handles payments, enabling them the ability to submit their purchase order in a timely fashion.  Here is a copy of a  NJNEOA W-9.PDF  that you may need to submit along with the invoice.".

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