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    The NJNEOA recognizes several police officers and their departments during the year by acknowledging the outstanding investigations that they have conducted in the area of narcotic enforcement. The NJNEOA will present these officers and their departments with an NJNEOA Achievement Award at either one of the Seminars that the NJNEOA sponsors or at the Annual Conference. No longer will all of the awards be presented at the conference.

     In order to be considered for an award it is mandatory that, along with a completely filled out, legibly written (preferred typed) NJNEOA Awards Letter_Submittal Form.pdf, a detailed account of the specific investigation must be submitted by a member of the NJNEOA for placement in the quarterly newspaper and on the Association's Web Site. It isn’t necessary that the officers receiving awards be an NJNEOA member. If need be, a generalized story omitting the defendant's names and addresses, will then be authored for use in the Association's publications.

     The submission form, along with the description of the investigation and all other particulars should be submitted to the NJNEOA at P.O. 202 Port Reading, New Jersey 07064 or e-mailed to: editor@njneoa.com

  They must be received by the NJNEOA prior to March 31, 2019.

The NJNEOA Awards Committee consists of Nitin Daniels, George Snowden and Ryan Neiber who select the Law Enforcement awards.  Albert Jasani, the Chairman of our Civilian Awards Committee will select the Community Leader Awards. 


     The NJNEOA will be hosting it's 6th Annual Fundraising Benefit on October 11, 2018 on board the Casino St. Charles in Perth Amboy. All proceeds raised are used to enable the Association to continue to provide free training seminars/ conference for all NJNEOA members. It also helps fund the NJNEOA Drug Awareness Program.

     Be sure to purchase your ticket and register using our event link. Thank you for your support of the NJNEOA.


$100. PER TICKET/ only 300 sold

1st prize = 33.3% of prize pool - $10,000.00
5 prizes = 66.6% of prize pool - $1,000.00 each

This year's winners were:
$10,000. - #0095 - P. Colligan
$1,000. - #0083 - J. Kaniuk
$1,000. - #0141 - D. Benbrook
$1,000. - #0015 - A. Peterpaul
$1,000. - #0135 Snowden/Friedoff
$1,000. - #0160 - G. Stilwell

The 2019 Raffle Drawing will be drawn on June 13th @3:00pm.


For over the past seven years the NJNEOA has contracted with Midwest Publishing Inc. for the purposes of fund raising. MPI has been serving the Political, Non-profit and Charitable sectors since 1978. They are a corporation that utilizes the telephone as a means of soliciting monies for associations such as the NJNEOA.

If you are contacted by a representative of MPI soliciting funds for the NJNEOA please feel free to contact any member of the NJNEOA to verify the validity of the call.

     Any contributions collected will be used to fund: the Drug Awareness Program, the Training Seminars, provide Drug Awareness literature in the communities, as well support the NJNEOA's charities.

     The NJNEOA thanks you in advance for any contributions made to the association through Midwest Publishing Inc.

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