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Please feel free to contact any of our BOD Life Members for information about our organization.

Mike Boyle

  Union County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
mboyle@ucnj.org - E-mail

Frank Bradley

  N.J. Division of Criminal Justice (Active)
(609) 984-6500 Work

Joseph DiBiase Jr.

  Union County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
jdebiase@ucnj.org - E-mail

Joseph DiGiovanni

  Woodbridge Township Police Department (Retired)
joeww2jeep@comcast.net - E-mail

Ronald Dixon

  Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
rdixonmcpo@hotmail.com - E-mail

Terry Farley

  Ocean County Prosecutor's Office (Deceased)

Dion Feltri

  N.J. Division of Criminal Justice (Active)
(732) 282-6052 - Work
feltrid@njdcj.org - E-mail

Robert Ferris

  N.J. Division of Criminal Justice (Active)
(609) 530-3401 - Work
rferris@aol.com - E-mail

Gary Friedhoff

  Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
barnone8968@aol.com - E-mail

Engel Galarza

  Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
(732) 616-7688 - Cellular
blue22144@gmail.com - E-mail

Sam Giovia Jr.

  Bergen County Sheriff's Dept. (Retired)
sgiovia@bergencharter.org - E-mail

Daniel Gorman

  West Caldwell Police Department (Retired)
dghunter@nac.net - E-mail

Ken Hess

  New Jersey State Police (Retired)
kch3016@comcast.net - E-mail

George Hildner

  Springfield Police Department (Retired)

Louis Izzi

  East Orange Police Department (Retired)
MrLGI@aol.com - E-mail

John Janowiak

  N.J. Division of Criminal Justice (Active)
(609) 984-3489 - Work
jrj127@hotmail.com - E-mail

Thomas Kleso

Human Services Police Department (Retired)

Edward Kirschenbaum

  Neptune City Police Department (Active)
(732) 775-1615- Work
ncpd118@optonline.net - E-mail

Martin Levandowski

  Mercer County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
babibull74@aol.com - E-mail

Marc Levy

  Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)

Eric Mason

  Cranford Police Department (Retired)
egm77@comcast.net - E-mail

Kevin Mikolajczyk

  Linden Police Department (Retired)
blueline689@Yahoo.com - E-mail

Michael Panzarino

  Ocean County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
(732) 341-6150
mpanzarino@co.ocean.nj.us - E-mail

Steve Poloka

  Perth Amboy Police Department (Retired)
sap049@aol.com - E-mail

Peter Rossi

  East Windsor Police Department (Retired)
(609) 294-2412
emerman@shorenetworks.com - E-mail

William Schievella

  Morris County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
wschievella@gmail.com - E-mail

Tony Scolpino

  Teaneck Police Department (Retired)

James Smith

  Berkley Township Police Department (Active)
(732) 341-6600 - Work
jimdac1@aol.com - E-mail

Jack Terhune

  Bergen County Sheriff (Retired)

Robert Venezia

  Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
(732) 322-8775
rvenezia940@yahoo.com - E-mail

Jeffrey Vogt

  Ocean County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)
jvogt3598@yahoo.com - E-mail

Wayne Yahm

  Bergen County Sheriff's Department (Retired)
(201) 983-1360 - Cellular
wdyahm@gmail.com - E-mail

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