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"President's Message"
by Wayne J. Canastra


        I would like to take this opportunity to speak about a training class that I recently attended. The class was the New Jersey State Association of Chief of Police Command and Leadership Academy. The class was hosted by retired Deputy Chief Paul Sorrentino, Manager for the Command and Leadership Program for the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police. I would strongly suggest if you have the opportunity to attend this class or if you have the ability to send a future leader from your agency, it is well worth it. (Note – NJNEOA is not affiliated with NJSACOP)

After attending this program, it made me realize a few things about training and education. The training that I attended started in January and recently just ended. Due to the uncertainty with COVID, the class was virtual. At first, I was not sure how it would be attending an all virtual class that required cameras to be on at all times. It was harder than I expected to be virtual for an entire day. But, it made me realize what my children were experiencing and it also made me realize that the teachers, parents, students and everyone involved in education are not having it “easy” as some like to think. I learned that it is much easier for everyone involved to learn in person but because of COVID we all had to alter how we learn. This made me really appreciate the struggles that my children were having on certain days. The interactions that we are used to are just so different virtual. But, everyone in my class, all the instructors and the students were able to adapt and overcome just like we do every day when we show up to work.

As some of you are aware, next month is my last month as President of the NJNEOA. I intend on putting out my final message in the June edition. But, as I reflect back to the NJNEOA, I am so proud to be a part of an association that emphasizes training and education for law enforcement. I am so proud of all the members of the executive board of the NJNEOA that make affordable training a reality for its members.

To all the educators, teachers, teachers aids and school staff, thank you for putting together online programs for our children.

I want to highlight some of the upcoming training hosted by the NJNEOA. We just had “Unmasking Facial Expression” instructed by Sean Grogan of One Face Training. This course is around $150 a person but the NJNEOA was able to offer it free to our members. This is an excellent training to help you add a tool in your toolbox for statement taking and interactions with individuals.

       In May we have Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction and Concealment presented by “DIAP”, Drug Interdiction Assistance Program. July 26 – 28 we have “Undercover Management” by members of the Northeast Counter Drug Training Center”. August 2 – 3 we have “Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations” instructed by (Ret.) Det. Byron Boston, Dallas Police Department of Professional Law Enforcement Training. August 30 – September 3 we have the 2021 Narcotics Training Conference in Atlantic City. I encourage all of you to monitor NJNEOA.ORG as we are constantly adding additional training to our website.

If anyone has a training that they would like to see NJNEOA host, please reach out to us and we will look into it.

       Stay Safe and well,



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