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"President's Message"
by Nitin Daniels


        To all the hard working law enforcement out there - As you battle the criminals every day and the court turns them loose to prey on more victims, you cannot give up your oath to protect and serve. It is a shame that some of the politicians have chosen to protect the criminals instead of police officers. It is even a bigger shame that the criminals have more rights than the victims.

    Same criminals are getting arrested over and over again with no justice for the victims. People work hard for their money and buy cars and property only to be stolen. Enough with making the victims suffer and allowing criminals to profit. Who says crime doesn't pay! It certainly is paying as criminals walk into stores and walk out with unpaid merchandise. Cars get stolen and are used to commit other crimes. Police officers get assaulted and criminals are getting away with it.

     Society should demand more from the law makers, prosecutors, judges and the politicians to protect the law-abiding citizens.

     We the people, represent the United States of America which is the greatest country in the world but criminals cannot roam free and unpunished. If there is no fear of incarceration and punishment, the criminal population will continue to increase.

     We must continue the WAR against addiction. We should continue educating the public of dangers of addiction and provide the necessary treatment, rehabilitation and continued support after the program. Continue going after the drug trafficking organizations as part of our daily duties. I am proud of the work Danielle, Michele and Rich are doing in helping the law enforcement community understand the illness of addiction. Rich, continue the outstanding contribution of your life experience to make others understand the pitfalls of addiction.

     Unfortunately, our state is another one that bowed down and legalized marijuana. Nothing good is coming. At least for now it is still illegal at the federal level. Lert us hope that it stays that way.

     Continue your education and training in the field of law enforcement and social interaction. It is important!

     Hope to see you all at the Annual Conference during the week of June 6, 2022!



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