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"President's Message"
by Nitin Daniels


    Fall is here and we move on to more training seminars.

   First and foremost, the NJNEOA is a non-profit organization that is ONLY interested in furthering the knowledge and training for all law enforcement officers. We rely on member fees of a mere $40.00 per year to assist us in maintaining our operation costs and getting speakers for our seminars and conferences. I am requesting you to give it a thought and become members and support our great cause of training law enforcement officers. Trained officers are an asset to the agency and the community. The community deserves knowledgeable officers who will make the right decisions and guide the citizens. But most importantly a well-trained officer has a better chance of survival in the streets and in the court of law. In addition to physical officer survival trainings, they must be well versed in case laws and the statutes and be current. On that note, I would like to thank Anthony Bandiero of Blue-To-Gold who offers many cost-free trainings and is an asset to law enforcement. He has authored two books on Search and Seizure and Bulletproof Report Writing. Anthony has donated these books to us and they have been passed along to our members at various seminars.;

     The NJNEOA thanks Bob Bushman for his service and best wishes in his retirement. As president of NNOAC he has done a tremendous job in connecting with the officials in DC and the importance of grants and support for law enforcement. I would like to congratulate Eric Brown as the incoming NNOAC President. Thank you to NNOAC for appointing me as the Regional Director of the Northeast Region. I will be responsible for the following states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. I hope to fill in the shoes of Bill Butka and contribute to the NNOAC. NNOAC consists of all the State Narcotic Associations in the nation. Speaking with the other state association presidents, it is evident that our work in narcotic enforcement is getting tougher and tougher.

    I was fortunate enough to speak with DEA Administrator Anne Milgram who spoke at the conference about the importance of curbing the fentanyl epidemic and going after the Sinaloa and CJNG cartels. She was very happy and supports the NJNEOA and the work we do.

    I am always thankful to the NJNEOA Members of The Board who tirelessly work to make the Association better. I would like to thank our past president Felix Pacheco in convincing me to design the Basic TNT Class which is now six days. This class always has a waiting list. We will continue to improve it. In addition, THANK YOU - the members and non-members, who are constantly attending the seminars and Conferences. Continue taking advantage of our offers and stay educated. STAY WELL and STAY SAFE OUT THERE.


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