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"President's Message"
by Nitin Daniels


  •       In October, we completed the six-day Basic TNT Class # 13 and as always, it was a great success. A big thank you to our students and instructors from the local, county, state and federal agencies who represent New Jersey. The students asked a lot of questions, and the instructors gave a lot of answers and information.  Although, this class is identified as Basic Tactical Narcotics Training, it is for all law enforcement.  Whether you are in patrol, detective bureau, narcotics unit or a federal agent. Various subjects are covered to enlighten the rookies and the seasoned veterans.  Our practical exercises are ONLY mentally challenging NOT physically.  We are strictly HANDS OFF when it comes to the practical exercises.  We prefer that we provide more investigative methods and resources rather than physical involvement as UNIT and TOP GUN trainings provide that part.  I am certainly looking forward to our TNT Class # 14 in April.  Sign up as soon as possible.  You do not want to end up on the waiting list like the twenty-two for TNT # 13.

        Veterans Day is November 10th, so please thank a veteran.  We thank and appreciate our veterans who keep our country safe from our enemies.  I worked with some veterans who have gone through mental, physical, and medical issues and we pray for their wellness.

      And as Thanksgiving arrives, continue to have a great get together with your family and/or friends and rejoice the good memories and make new ones.

      Even though most of the community is respectful of law enforcement, watch your 360 for the criminals around you. When you are out there, pay attention and get your head out of the cell phone.  I see it every day, police on their phones.  If you are not observing and scanning the streets, you are missing out on criminal activities taking place in front of you.

      Be nice to the public. It doesn't mean that you need to go out in uniform and dance in public with your community.  While you are dancing away, someone is being victimized. Earn your pay by working and stopping criminals! Do your part.  The justice system is not perfect and remember majority of the politicians only want what is best for themselves. 

      I wish every Chief was proactive and made his department proactive and not reactive! This statement is based on the conversations I have had with a lot of good officers who want to WORK! The old adage of SH** rolls downhill can also mean that if you are a good Chief, you can also make each supervisor responsible for training your 'cops' the right way. Starts at the top!  In addition, a training officer must be someone who knows Officer Safety, public interaction, Search and Seizure and other important related topics.  Too many times, someone ends up in a role that destroys the department morale and good cops.

      Remember, the TITLE does not mean anything to the working folks.  It is how you treat them. Must be Fair and honest! Selective 'liking' and 'awarding' lowers the morale of the hard-working employees. 


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