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"President's Message"
by Nitin Daniels


        I would like to thank Past-President Wayne Canastra for his leadership during the past three years. Wayne has done an excellent job under his presidency.

    As I take over the role of President, I plan to continue to have the NJNEOA's reputation as one of the best training providers at low cost for law enforcement officers.

     I am looking forward to working as a team with Corporal Dan Benbrook, our First Vice President, Lt. Ryan Neiber, our Second Vice President, and Vice Presidents - Det. Sean Sullivan, Lt. George Snowden and Det. John Szilagyi (retired).

     George has taken over as the Awards Chairman and Ryan will begin overseeing all training seminars. Captain Bob Mazur (retired NJSP) will remain as our Chairman of Training.

     The NJNEOA has also been fortunate to have some new Members of the Board.  We will all work as a team and continue to strive as the best training providers to our law enforcement officers.

       The current attitude towards law enforcement is not exactly what the country needs at this time.  The politicians and community leaders to support law enforcement. When you watch the news stations showing a12 year old male and a 14-year old female in a firefight with police officers, society really needs to think and accept the fact that we are headed in the wrong direction.  Folks need to rethink their 'All Cops are Bad' mindset.  Do we have bad cops?  Absolutely! Just like any other profession. It is our responsibility to 'police' our own.  But, let us also deal with the criminals through the judicial system by enforcing the laws and penalties. The open season on police officers need to end! Any person charged with assault on police officers should get the maximum penalty! 

     Now that recreational Marijuana is legal, I truly believe that the crime rate will go up; DUI will increase; black market sales of Marijuana will continue to rise.  These are my personal opinions. The problem is that even those folks who have read the Colorado Marijuana Impact Reports for the past few years have become blind and deaf. Now that Marijuana is legal in New Jersey and we will face the same challenges as Colorado law enforcement officers. The NJNEOA will rely on our Counsels Frank Gennaro and Cindy Glaser to provide current updates with the Marijuana laws and ensure that we address it at our six-day Basic TNT Class.

        As for Training, even though NJNEOA is ONLY required to provide three seminars and an Annual Conference for the yearly membership fee, we have been averaging eight trainings for the past few years. I hope that LEOs take advantage of both the very low membership fee of $40.00 per year and of all the trainings sponsored by the NJNEOA.

    I am looking forward to our upcoming 51st Annual Conference - August 30th thru September 3rd, 2021, which is being held at Harrah's Resort and Casino in Atlantic City.

     Thanks to our Conference Chairman Al Camisa, everything is in place for both the weeklong Conference and Annual Awards Banquet which is on Thursday, September 2, 2021.The Awards Committee has been reviewing the Award Nominations and I am sure they will make the appropriate decision for each nomination.

     The NJNEOA thanks the following agencies and associations for their continued support of our training mission:

  • Drug Enforcement Administration - NJ Division
  • New Jersey State Police
  • New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
  • Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office
  • Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office
  • Monmouth County Sheriff's Office
  • Stevens Institute of Technology PD
  • East Coast Gang Investigators Association
  • New Jersey Gang Investigators Association
  • New Jersey County Narcotic Commanders Association

     In closing, please feel free to reach out to any of our Members of the Boards with any questions or ideas. Thank you and STAY SAFE!


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