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"President's Message"
by Nitin Daniels


    Once again, the NJNEOA provided excellent training in January. “Open-Source Intelligence and Social Media Exploitation” training was very well received by the attendees and have requested more of this training. I am looking forward to the February training – “The Use of GPS Devices.”

   I am well aware that some folks learn from their co-workers on how to do 'things'. But I truly believe that attending a training related to the subject that is part of your job, is NECESSARY! Writing an affidavit for Search Warrants - it's better to include that you attended the related training, rather than learning it from your co-worker. You can attend the same training multiple times and you will pick up something new every time. You don't want to go to a doctor, accountant. electrician, plumber etc just because they have the title of their profession. As a victim, I would like to have an investigator who is well trained. As a supervisor, I would want my squad to be the best trained law enforcement officers.

     On that note, everyone is thankful to the law enforcement officers who solved the Idaho student murders. I read the redacted copy of the affidavit and watched the two-hour special on how they cracked this case wide open and arrested the 'monster' who took four young lives. Old fashioned police work, understanding the current technology, and being well trained helped these law enforcement officers of Moscow PD, Idaho and other jurisdictions close this case. The family members of those victims had a right to have the killer brought to justice. NDCAC, NW3C, NJNEOA and some others provide cost-free or low-cost trainings. Chiefs and department leaders, take advantage of those available trainings. A well-trained law enforcement officer lessens your liabilities.

    This brings me to our 2023 Annual Conference in Atlantic City, NJ scheduled for the week of June 12, 2023. We do not have any keynote speakers from any news media or any other agency who will be telling law enforcement, how great they are and the public do not understand what LE does. Instead, for five-days, we have a great line-up of speakers who are either currently working in their field of topic or have spent MANY years in that subject matter.

    As always, remember majority of the people in the WORLD are good people and without their support, law enforcement would not be able to do their job. Don't get pulled into the “US v THEM” mentality. It is a tough job but that's why most of us sign up for it. STAY WELL and STAY SAFE!


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