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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


      The ability to schedule training for the 2021 calendar year is proving to be just as difficult as 2020 had been. Actually, 2020 might have been easier. Everything was shut down, period!

      The guidelines that are in place pertaining to limiting attendance during these Covid-19 times has been constantly changing. The venue capacity that exists today when scheduling a seminar, isn’t guaranteed to be the same 2 days from now. It isn’t even a given that the facility will be open to the attendees on the day of the seminar. Nor will venues necessarily advise you that the capacity has changed or that the facility is temporarily being closed.

    With that all being the case, the Training Committee is doing its best to offer at least a training seminar each month, even though the attendance needs to be scaled back.

     Due to these obstacles, we will be offering a couple of the seminar topics a few times during this year, in order to allow access for a greater number of officers. So, if you see that a seminar that you are interested in attending has reached its attendance capacity, please check back to see if it is being offered again at a future date.

      The first topic that is being offered for a second seminar will be the “Gang Trends” seminar that is being held this month. The date and location will be known shortly and made available for registration in the near future.

      Lastly, at this point in time, we are currently planning on hosting this year’s Conference during the week of June 7th, once again at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. The topics and speakers are all confirmed, but we are also arranging for a “Plan B” should Covid-19 restrictions affect the ability for out-of-state instructors being able to attend. Registration will be made available within the next few weeks.

      Thank you for your continued support and Stay Safe.


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