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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


     With a full training schedule leading us into the Annual Conference, 2020 should prove to be the busiest training year for the NJNEOA that the Association has ever seen. During the following four months, there are five seminars in place, covering a variety of topics.

     Not included are any “Perspectives of Addiction for Law Enforcement Officers” ½ day seminars, that are being offered in conjunction with various County Prosecutor’s Offices. Just last week, Middlesex County hosted the first for 2020.

      As for NJNEOA Membership, any of the individuals who hadn’t renewed their dues for 2020 prior to January 1, have been suspended from membership and are no longer eligible to register for free training. So, if you are planning on registering for any of our classes, make sure you have renewed/paid, prior to registering. Next year we will begin assessing a small “Suspended – Renewal Fee”, for those individuals who fail to heed the Renewal Emails, that are sent beginning in October, warning them that their membership expires on January 1st.

      With that being said, the NJNEOA has a special opportunity for both a member and non-member of the association. The first member and first non-member to email editor@njneoa.org with the codeword that can be found hidden within this month’s monthly news magazine, will receive their choice of either: Seminar, “Basic “TNT”, Annual Conference or one-year membership, absolutely Free. So, look carefully within this month’s issue for “Hidden Code: _____.”

        If you have not been receiving any of our emails from the NJNEOA, or confirmations when registering, please check: 1) That your agency isn’t blocking the NJNEOA, 2) Your Junk mail, 3) That you correctly spelled your email address, or 4) That you haven’t previously Unsubscribed from receiving NJNEOA emails. It is amazing how many calls are received from individuals who state that they haven’t received a Seminar Registration Confirmation, a Seminar Critique Link, a Seminar Certificate, a Newspaper, or a Dues Renewal notice and it is because of one of the above reasons.

      Remember, with the arrival of 2020 will have begun utilizing a new and automated method of checking in at our training events. When you receive your emailed confirmation after registering for an event, you will need to either: Print out the confirmation and bring it to the event, or Save the confirmation to your mobile device. The confirmation contains a QR Code that identifies you in our database system. It will be scanned when you check in to the event. This is the same method utilized at sporting events and concerts. So, remember, 1) You need to be preregistered and paid in order to receive a confirmation, 2) you must bring the confirmation with you to the event.

      Lastly, on behalf of the NJNEOA, I would like to thank you and your agency for the continued support.


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