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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


      School is out for the summer in New Jersey and many have begun to take advantage of the time off to either attend summer camps or just relax and enjoy the time off.

   Here at the NJNEOA, school remains in session. We are quickly approaching the first of our special summer seminars on July 26-28 - “Undercover Management.” That is followed shortly thereafter on August 2-3 with “Mexican Drug Cartel Investigation.” I encourage NJNEOA members to take advantage of this special training being offered to members only.

    That then bring us up to our Annual Conference which is being held August 30 - September 3rd at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. Once again it is being offered to members free of charge, and to non-members for the minimal fee of $50.00. You can register online at njneoa.org.

    All of the submitted Award Submissions have been reviewed by the Awards Committee and notifications have been sent to the recipients. The Annual Awards program and Luncheon is scheduled for the afternoon of September 2nd. Please register online to secure your seat for the Luncheon.

     Lastly, I would like to wish our Past President Wayne Canastra well and thank him for his leadership of the NJNEOA during the past three years.

  Nitin Daniels has become the Association’s President for the next three years and his transition will be an effortless one. Nitin has served as our Training Coordinator for numerous years and is directly responsible for the NJNEOA’s offering of the numerous training events that are being offered. He has taken our training to a whole new level, with multiple opportunities, during his tenure. Congratulations Nitin on becoming President.

      So on behalf of the NJNEOA I wish a safe summer.

      Thank you for your continued support.


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