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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


     While we celebrated Independence Day, our country has been experiencing tumultuous times, with attempts being made to erase the history behind the formation of the United States of America.

      What started with calls for equality, has quickly exploded into opportunistic individuals using a situation to change our Democracy into a form of Socialistic government. The saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is being exploited and utilized as a means of reshaping our country.

    Throw Covid-19 into the mix, and life as we have grown up to know it as, has become completely unrecognizable. With the ordering of citizens to wear masks, no indoor dining, threats of re-shutting down the economy, and now “Defunding the Police”, all while the powers to be sit by the wayside and watch.

     Our forefathers could never have dreamed that they country they fought so bravely to establish could have so easily be torn apart from within. .

    Regarding the upcoming Annual Training Conference and Awards Ceremony and Luncheon, we are making every arrangement to help ensure the safety of all the attendees. First of all, the Waterfront Conference Center has its own entrance, therefore there is no need for attendees to walk through the casino area to attend the conference each day. Secondly, we have access to use the entire Harrah’s Wildwood Ballroom area for the week. That is over 49,000 square footage of room space. .

      The Conference attendees we will be: having their temperature checked each day, provided face masks which we encourage to wear during sessions, and seating will be socially distanced. .

      The Awards Ceremony and Luncheon will be: spaced out amongst a minimum of a 20,000 square foot area, we will be limiting the number of attendees, tables for the luncheon will only seat five individuals, and each table will have double the normal distance between them.

      Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you AC at the Conference and Awards Luncheon.


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