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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


     What had once promised to the busiest year of training for the NJNEOA, has suddenly, because of the Coronavirus, turned into what might possibly be the smallest.

      Shortly after the Basic “Tactical Narcotic Training” Course, Class #6 ended on March 13th, the COVID-19 arrived, and with the New York/New Jersey area seeing such a rapid rate of cases, the State mandated that all gatherings of ten or more individuals cease. As all county training facilities suspended scheduled classes, while adhering to the state’s mandate, in conjunction with the increasing calls to “Social Distance”, it was in the best interest, for the safety of all, for the NJNEOA to cancel all training events up to the fall.

      We are working on rescheduling each of the previously scheduled training seminars, for future dates, when the current pandemic ceases. All those individuals who had already registered for any events, will automatically be registered for the rescheduled date, and notified. Should they be unable to attend the new date, we will just ask that they notify the NJNEOA so that we can offer their spot to another officer.

      Regarding the 2020 NJNEOA Conference, we are negotiating with the venue, in order to secure dates in the early fall so that we can reschedule. Those individuals who have already registered, we will also automatically re-register you for the new dates when they become known. Just let us know if there is an issue that you will be unavailable and we will then cancel your registration.

        Lastly, the situation that the nation is currently in is unprecedented in our current history. I urge you to listen to what our government leaders are asking. Please remain home with your families when not working. As law enforcement, you hold an essential position in our daily lives, providing law and order to the community. Do not mistake this as a carte-blanche opportunity to haphazardly move throughout the streets, ignoring what our leaders request as to social distancing while living our private lives.

      The saying “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” is all too often stated when it is too late in time. Remember, no one is immune from the Covid-19. So please be safe.


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