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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


     We are only 1-month away (June 6-10) from the 53rd Annual Training Conference. This year’s conference is a full 5-days, covering various investigative techniques for all types of drug investigations. It is also the first time that the NJNEOA has ever hosted a conference at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

   Please remember, the non-member fee to attend is currently $50.00, but only until May 5th. After that it increases to $65.00. The course is Free for members, but only until May 5th. After that there is a $15.00 fee for NJNEOA members.

    The Annual Awards Luncheon (Narcotic Investigation Networking) is being held on June 9th, in the Tropicana Salon Ballroom. The fee to attend is currently $60.00, but only until May 15th. After that it becomes $75.00. We will no longer accept registrations for the luncheon after May 27th.

    The reason for the price differences is because we need to advise the Tropicana well in advance of the number of attendees to both events, because of limited space. In years past, we have had groups of individuals wanting to register the day before the luncheon, or even just showing up at the door. This absolutely cannot occur this year.

     The fall will have the Basic “TNT” Class #11, along with another two (2) Free Seminars for our members. The exact topics/ presenters for these fall seminars have yet to be confirmed. That closes out the 2022 NJNEOA Training season.

      Lastly, I thank our members for your continued support.


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