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NJNEOA Supporters 

    There are five (5) different methods for both Businesses, Corporations and Individuals to support the endeavors of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association.  That is through either becoming a Sponsor, Advertiser, Table Sponsor at our Annual Awards Luncheon, or Vendor at our annual training conferences.

    It is because of the funds generated by those methods of support that the NJNEOA is able to continue to offer free training throughout the state even during these fiscally strapped times.

    The NJNEOA thanks those individuals who generously support the endeavors of the Association.



    Click on any of the icon links below to visit the websites of our
Sponsors / Conference Vendors / Advertisers.


     Anyone wishing to become a supporter of the NJNEOA can do so by making a donation to the Association through the means of either monies, goods or services.

     A monetary donation can easily be made online.  Any other type of donation should be made by contacting the NJNEOA at editor@njneoa.com.


        Each year Vendors are asked to participate at the Annual Training Conference by purchasing a vendor booth for the three days of the Conference.  The cost of a 3-Day booth is $500.00, or a 4-Day booth for $600.00. Both includes 1/8th page advertising in the Association's: Monthly News Magazine, the Conference Program and on the NJNEOA website.

2024_Vendor Contract.pdf


       Those who choose to support the NJNEOA through advertising will have their Ad appear in 12 issues of the Association's Monthly News Magazine, the Conference Program, and on NJNEOA website, for a period of 1 year.

       Advertising rates are as follows:

1/8 page = @175.00,

1/4 page = $275.00,

1/2 page = $375.00

Full page = $600.00.

2024_Advertising Contract.pdf


Anyone wishing to become a supporter of the NJNEOA can do so by becoming a Table Sponsor at our Annual Awards Luncheon.  A full page advertisement identifying you as a Sponsor of the NJNEOA will placed on one of the front row tables at the Awards Luncheon. Included is a 1/8 page Sponsor Ad in 12 issues of the Association's Monthly News Magazine and on the NJNEOA website.


          Businesses interested in becoming an NJNEOA vendor can also, for a one-time fee, can take advantage of this Special Offer.  For a fee of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) you will receive the following:

  • 5-Day Vendor space at our Annual Conference (4-Yrs).
  • A full page Ad in our Monthly News Magazine (4-Yrs).
  • A full page Ad in our Conference Program (4-Yrs).
  • A monthly email blast featuring only your business (4-Yrs).
  • Vendor space at one (1) of our quarterly seminars (4-Yrs).
  • An advertising link on our website, to your own site (4-Yrs).
  • A 1-2 minute Advertising Video created specifically for your business on our website, along  with a copy for you.

2024_Total Package Contract.pdf


    Both Advertisers, Conference Vendors, Table Sponsors and subscribers of the "Total Package"  need to download, complete and submit an appropriate NJNEOA contract, along with payment and a copy of their material that they would like to appear in the news letter and on the website and.  It should be mailed to:

NJNEOA - Ad/Vendor/Total Package
PO Box 202
Port Reading,
New Jersey 07064.

     Use the Support Link to register as an Advertiser/Vendor/Total Package and you can pay by Credit Card.

     If there are any questions regarding: payment, contracts, copy, or anything else relating to these types of sponsorships, please contact the the NJNEOA at editor@njneoa.org.

     The NJNEOA is recognized as being a Non-profit organization 501(c)3: 501c3 Letter.pdf

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