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     In 1965, a small group of law enforcement officers and concerned citizens met at the North Ward Civic Association in Newark to discuss the growing problem of drug abuse and how it was affecting our young people, our family structure and our society. From that meeting came the birth of the NEW JERSEY NARCOTIC ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ASSOCIATION. As of today the NJNEOA has more than 2000 who have joined the association, representing Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement, as well as private industry, the professions, education and government.

     The NJNEOA was organized to encourage; mutual cooperation, discussion and interest in the problems of enforcement concerning drug abuse; to exchange ideas, conduct seminars and conferences to educate those involved in the abatement of the illegal narcotic trade.  

     The NJNEOA conducts several training seminars during the year to educate law enforcement officers on such topics as; developing trends in drug use and distribution, case law updates, officer safety, identifying symptoms of drug abuse and drug interdiction. The Association also conducts a four day training conference which is held annually in May/June. Through these, each year the association trains nearly one thousand law enforcement officers. The NJNEOA also publishes a monthly news magazine for its members that keeps them abreast of the latest developments in narcotic enforcement.

     Eligibility for full membership into the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association is being a sworn law enforcement officer. There is no requirement to be assigned to a narcotic enforcement position. Those non-law enforcement individuals interested in membership can apply as an associate member. If you would like to join the NJNEOA simply utilize the "JOIN US" link. You can select which level of membership interests you and, once the membership committee verifies your law enforcement status and your dues payment is received, your membership will be activated. You will then be able to access the "Member's Area" of the web site.

     Thank you for supporting the NJNEOA.

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