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Please feel free to contact any of our BOD members for information about our organization.

Olivia Ankudowicz

  Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
Olivia Ankudowicz - E-mail

Jimmy Atoche

  Morris County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
Jimmy Atoche - E-mail

Bruce Breuer

  U.S. Army National Guard (Active)
Bruce Breuer - E-mail

Jeffrey Dean

  Fairfield Police Department (Active)
Jeffrey Dean - E-mail

Patrick Egan

  Jersey City Police Department (Active)
Patrick Egan - E-mail

Corey Garrabrant

  Flemington Police Department (Active)
Corey Garrabrant - E-mail

Shawn Gilkison

  Union Beach Police Department (Active)
Shawn Gilkison - E-mail

Michael Grainger

  Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
Michael Grainger - E-mail

Carmelo Jimenez

  Perth Amboy Police Department (Active)
Carmelo Jimenez - E-mail

Bronson Jusino

  North Bergen Police Department (Active)
Bronson Jusino - E-mail

Ivis Molina

  Bergen County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
Ivis Molina - E-mail

Michael Ratta

  Federal Bureau of Investigations (Active)
Michael Ratta - E-mail

Christopher Rios

  Mercer County Prosecutor's Office (Active)
Christopher Rios - E-mail

Edwin Santana

  Morris County Sheriff's Department (Active)
Edwin Santana - E-mail

Harpinder Singh

  Edison Police Department (Active)
Harpinder Singh - E-mail

Michael Connelly

  Middlesex County Prosecutors Office (Active)
Michael Connelly - E-mail

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