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Types of dues cards 

There are four different types of NJNEOA memberships: Law Enforcement Member, Associate Member, Life BOD Member & Life Member of the NJNEOA.  Dues cards are available on a yearly basis and access to them is based upon your membership status being active.  You must be current in your dues in order to be able to access your appropriate type of membership dues card.  

If for some reason you are unable to access your membership dues card and/or sign into the "Member's Area", that would indicate that your dues have lapse and your membership status has been suspended.  Contact the site administrator at editor@njneoa.com.

Law Enforcement Member

A sworn law enforcement officer who is an active member of the Association.

     Utilize the "Law Enforcement Member" link to access your dues card.

Associate Member

      An individual who is not a law enforcement officer, but has been accepted as a member of the Association. 

     Utilize the "Associate Member" link to access your dues card.

Life Member

A law enforcement officer who has met the criteria of being either a Life Member of the NJNEOA BOD or Life Member of the NJNEOA.

Utilize the "Life Member" link to access your dues card.

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