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"Message from the Editor"
by Albert J. Camisa


     As the fall season arrives, so does a busy training season for our Training Committee. They have arranged to provide training opportunities in 6 of the 9 months leading up to the Annual Narcotics Training Conference in June.

     The first of which started with the Basic “Tactical Narcotics Training” Class #1 which was held during the week of September 11-15th. The critiques provided by the 40 attendees were all positive and encouraging for the committee. This is a specialized training program and is the only one of our seminars that has certain restrictions regarding registration, size limitations and attendance. This is also the only training that isn’t included in our “free training for NJNEOA members.”

     With that being said, the October Seminar is quickly approaching. The instructors Ray Bednar and Dan Sullivan of the L5 Tactical Training Group and Fredrick PD, MD will be discussing “Rapid Intel Gathering & Active Shooter Response Principles, Aggressive Mentality & Operations.”

     Next we are co-sponsoring a special November half-day seminar with the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office in Rowan College of Gloucester County. It will focus on the ongoing battle of “Drug Addiction.” As law enforcement officers, it behooves us to be as informed as possible regarding this ever-increasing phenomena.

     We then will enter the holiday season, during which the committee will take a break, before continuing their mission in 2018. Mike Conner of the Maryland State Police will present the February Seminar speaking about “Criminal Interdiction & Concealed Compartments.” Mike has provided training for us in past years and the committee is constantly receiving requests from our members, to have him conduct further seminars for the NJNEOA.

     Next will be the Basic “Tactical Narcotic Training” Class #2 will be held during the week of March 11-15th. This specialized training is once again being held with certain restrictions regarding registration, size limitations, attendance, along with a fee for NJNEOA members and non-members.

      Then after the arrival of spring, the April Seminar will be held on the 17th in Ocean County. The topic isn’t quite committed to yet, but will be decided upon and confirmed shortly.

      That brings us up to the 49th Annual NJNEOA Annual Narcotics Training Conference. For the 3rd year in a row, it will be held at Bally’s Hotel & Conference Center in Atlantic City. The dates are June 4-7th and again culminate with the Annual Awards Luncheon. This will be the 6th year in row that the NJNEOA is offering free attendance to the conference for its members, along with a minimum fee of $40.00 for non-members.

      As you can see, the Training Committee, along with the Board of Directors have been busy during the summer months planning the best possible training program for the members of the NJNEOA. So take advantage of the opportunities available to you as members and visit our Training/Events Calendar to register online. Even if you are not a member, you can still take advantage of the training for a minimal fee.

      Thank you again for all your support.


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