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This form is only to be used when nominating a UNIT and its Individuals, or just an Individual for a "Guns. Gangs & Narcotics Award."

  • A typed list (word document/PDF) of all the individuals being nominated MUST BE SUBMITTED to editor@njneoa.org at the time of submission.  It MUST include the nominated individual's Name/Rank/Agency/UNIT, submitted in a format similar to the following (whichever pertains to them):
    John Smith / S/A / DEA / HIDTA 1
    John Smith / TFO (Det.) / DEA HIDTA 1 (Edison PD)
    John Smith / Det. / Edison PD / Narcotics Bureau

    • In the case of it being a Co-op Investigation, the Primary Agency should be submitted on this form.  Include on the above mentioned list of nominated officers, please list separately all other agencies being nominated and with the agencies nominated officer's: Name/Rank.  (Also include each: Agency's Head/Rank/Mailing Address/Phone #.)
    • Please make sure all the individuals being nominated are included and spelled correctly.
      * (ABSOLUTELY - No changes/additions will be accepted after the submission is received)
        • This form must be completed and submitted no later than March 14th.
        • * It is the responsibility of the individual who submits a Co-op nomination to notify the Co-op Agencies and their award recipients of their award selection.

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