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NJNEOA Charity - "HopeHouse International®"

   The NJNEOA has selected to financially support "HopeHouse International®" which finds adoption homes for orphans in the Ukraine.

      There is a crisis in our world today that doesn’t get much coverage on the nightly news. Never-the-less, there are currently more than 100,000 orphaned children in Ukraine alone, and 90% of these children are social orphans- orphaned not by the loss of father and mother, but by poverty, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

       Within 3 years of graduating from the orphanage system in Ukraine, nearly 100% of these children will be homeless, imprisoned, or dead. 1 in 10 will commit suicide by the age of 21.

     HopeHouse International® is on the front lines of rescuing these children through the gift of adoption into Christian families, in their own country. We do this by helping qualified, carefully selected parents obtain the adequate housing they need in order to pass a government home study in order to adopt 3 or more children per home. On average our families adopt 5.

      In fact, we can build a home in a country like Ukraine for that will house an entire family, plus at least 3 adopted orphans, for less than the average new car costs here in the United States.

     Since our founding in 2000, we have closed the doors of the equivalent of 6 orphanages through the gift of in-country adoption.

     HopeHouse adoptees, as examples, have gone on to graduate from universities the world over, become professional artists or craftsmen, and been married and have families of their own.

    HopeHouse International® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and was awarded the United States Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s “Angel in Adoption” Award in 2012 by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7).

   "HopeHouse International® " Mission Statement: "HopeHouse International®" exists so that Orphans in Ukraine can become adopted by Christian couples within their country. Adequate housing is a barrier for most citizens, and it is a government prerequisite for adoption. HopeHouse International® enables adoptions by addressing adequate housing needs which result in three or more children being given a family and a future.

  Please join the NJNEOA in supporting "HopeHouse International®". Your tax deductible charitable donations will help provide a home and future for the orphans of the Ukraine.

       You can either donate online by utilizing this supporter link, or send a check to the NJNEOA:

NJNEOA - "HopeHouse International® "
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